WSS 3.0 How-To more updates

13 12 2009

WSS 3.0

Understanding Site Collections

Creating Subsite

WSS3.0 How-To update

11 12 2009

Understanding Sharepoint Site

Viewing a site and its components

Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0

24 11 2009

I have started a how-to document guide on WSS. The intention is to help site administrators by providing a step-by-step guide.

Up to date, I have provided how to change site theme and how to insert company banner.

I remember I set up WSS server long time ago, but I did not immediately start building the site. The reason was because I could not imagine how to design the sites, although I know what information I want to share on the site. Months passed by, and a new colleague came to join our company. She started to show me what can be done to the site, how to design the site, how to create custom list, how to modify custom list view, and so forth. I began to understand that WSS can be flexible, and with that it is powerful. To my colleague, I thank you 🙂

This step-by-step guide is an ongoing project for me. Hopefully by sharing this, it will be beneficial for site administrators newbies. ENJOY 🙂

OneNote 2010 "dock to desktop"

19 11 2009

A lot of friends are asking me how to do the "dock to desktop". It is simple. Just click on the icon on the Title Bar. I have circled the icon in the following screenshot.

dock to desktop icon 

Enjoy 🙂

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta

17 11 2009

Yo PEOPLE!! The Office 2010 Beta is out. Get it from Technet or MSDN. Try it out. It’s awesome!! For Technet/MSDN subscriber as yet.

Today 19th Nov, the Office 2010 Beta is out for public. You can download from Technet or MSDN 🙂